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Adult Learning Coursework & Artifacts

The Masters Degree coursework requirements for a concentration in the Adult Learning program are similar to the requirements in the IT program, in that they are very challenging. The Adult Learning program has, as its' goals and foundation, "... to focus on current emphases of concern of adults returning to higher and post-secondary education. This population is the new majority of learners."

One of the greatest advantages that I have found in my studies, while in this program, is the diversity of the learning environment. There are learners of all ages and learning background. Each of these learners brings with him or her a different level of knowledge to the program. However, throughout the program, one common goal is consistently achieved. That goal is the fact that "learning" is constantly taking place. This is what makes the Adult Learning program so successful.

From the links that are provided on the left to my coursework examples, I believe you will see the methods of research, writing, and leadership that are provided in this program. I am grateful to each and every professor in this program for his / her help and guidance, for without it I would not be able to be the educational tool, equipped to help the students of tomorrow, that I am today.


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