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IT 575 - Internet: Implications for Teaching and Learning

This course was taken in the summer semester of 2007. Dr. Michael Waugh is the instructor of this course. The course is an online learning course, which is designed to explore how to use the Internet for information consuming, sharing, and publication. Learners are expected to learn how the Internet works by using existing software, as well as creating hypertext documents using the HTML language.

In this course I was introduced to WYSIWYG (what-you-see-is-what-you-get). This is a very nice tool that Mozilla offers when you are creating web pages in HTML mode. While in this, Mozilla will write the html code for you!

A great tool for teachers that was introduced in this course was working with tables for page formatting. We designed our own tables, using the appropriate formatting skills while designing our pages. I used these tools to assist with an exercise for class. I created a survey that could be used for a fitness center as an enrollment survey. Please view my survey here.

This was a very exciting course to take, primarily because I had never seen how to make / design the web pages. After taking this course I had a greater respect for the individuals who do design and make web pages. Before this course, when I had seen a picture on a web page, I had never thought about how much work actually went into placing it where it was on the page. However, now, after taking this course, I know how important and how difficult it can be to work with images when designing web pages.



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