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IT Coursework and Artifacts

The courses that are required, in order to obtain a master's degree in the IT program are courses that are very challenging. In every course that I took, I had challenges that were placed in front of me. These challenges were very difficult, however they were capable of being reached. If you were willing to put in the time and effort, then you could reach these challenges.

I cannot remember a professor in the department assigning me a responsibility to complete, without first giving me the knowledge on how to complete this responsibility. Please use the links, which are located to the left, under the heading entitled Instructional Technology Coursework and Artifacts, to view course information, as well as my coursework examples. I believe that you will see, from these links and from my work, how successful students can be in a dedicated educational program. This success is a result of a program that has professors that are willing to spend their time not only to teaching, but also sustaining, students along their way to becoming better teachers.



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