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EP 524 - Learning in the Workplace

This course was taken under the tutelage of Dr. Mary Zieglar in the Fall 2009. The focus of this course is to help students understand the way that learning occurs in the workplace. Dr. Zieglar constructed this course by allowing us to explore: theories, practices, methods, and applications that take place in the workplace environment. A common theme throughout the course was that technology and learning were used mutually the entire semester.

As in the workplace, we worked in groups throughout the semester. The size of the groups remained fairly consistent, with the number of participants in each group remaining small (only 2 to 3 persons). I found this to be very beneficial, because, as in the workplace environment, a person will need assistance to complete his or her job successfully.

The key topics that we covered included: learning, leadership, informal learning, group learning, organizational learning, spirituality in the workplace, facilitating workplace learning and change, individual and group organizational methods, and workplace literacy.

The course was conducted completely online throughout the semester. This was a great benefit for myself, being that I am interested in teaching in the technological subject area. However, it also shows that any topic can be delivered through an online medium, when delivered correctly.

For my final project in the class, my partner and I led the class "discussion." The topic that we chose to lead teach the class about was "E-Learning." A link to the entire class meeting can be found and listened to here.


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