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IT 573 - Media and Technology Production Techniques

This course was taken in the fall semester of 2007. Dr. Ed Counts was the instructor of this course. This course is designed for the learners to learn how to apply the basic principles in the design and production of multimedia concepts and tools in support of teaching and learning. In order to so, we had to have familiarity with searching the Web, saving and retrieving files, and attaching files to email. We also had to know to upload projects, once we were completed with them.

For the first project in the course, Flash skills were introduced to us. We worked on developing buttons and learning how to use digital photography with these buttons. Next, we used these buttons to make "clips" with Flash. Please link to my first project here.

For my next project I studied Flash animation. We studied how to use the "studio" and work with animation. I created a still image, then using buttons, and several different clips, created animation. Please view my project here .

My favorite project in the class was the one in which we could choose whatever we wanted from what we had learned and expand our knowledge. I chose shoot, edit, and enhance digital video. Please view this project here.

I truly enjoyed this class because of the fascination of the "media and technology" techniques that I did not know existed. Before taking this class I had no idea that I could do what I am now able to do with a computer to a simple small image. I believe that I changed my views on "what you could do" with technology after taking this course probably more than after taking any others in my program. If this is not true, I do know that this course opened my eyes to view technology as more than just a medium for input and output. Technology is a way to open minds as well.


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