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Coursework Outside of Instructional Technology

The courses outside of the "core" part of the Instructional Technology program consisted of seven courses. Of these seven courses, I selected two courses from core educational courses, four courses from IT electives, and one course was a research course. This diversity of courses was very good because it exposed me to new and different ideas. This will be beneficial when I begin my teaching career, because I will be exposed to these same types of situations every day.

Of the courses, which I studied, one was Educational Foundations in Sociology and another course concerned Contemporary Philosophies in Education. The Contemporary Philosophies in Education introduced me to many liberal ways of thinking, which was very different, and intriguing, to me. This is so, because I came into the IT program with a Business Degree and a conservative mindset. However, these courses, and the conversations that took place in them, were very educational. Several of the readings from this course presented different aspects to ideas / concepts to which I had not seen, nor thought of before. As you will see, if you use the link to the left, you can see an example of how I responded to selected readings that were in this course.

From the Coursework Outside of Instructional Technology, I have chosen three courses out of the seven courses which I took, to share projects / papers with you. Please use the links located at the left to view my coursework. Thank you.


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