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CSE 550 - Cultural Studies in Education

This course was taken in the Fall semester of 2008, which was the first semester of my PhD studies. Dr. Barbara Thayer-Bacon is the professor of this course. I had taken another Cultural Studies course under Dr. Barb's leadership before, so I "thought" that I knew what to expect in this course... I WAS WRONG!

I was not wrong with my thoughts of her leadership, however, I was wrong in my opinions about the course and the material that would be covered. This course is a very "eye-opening" course to other cultures. In this course, I was exposed to a vast array of countries lifestyles, educational practices, and religious beliefs. We also discussed the topic of sexual beliefs; i.e., gays and lesbians, by reading and discussing about articles and essays written about, or by, these people groups. Every week we kept a journal, writing down our thoughts and opinions from the previous weeks' readings, as well as from our small group meeting. This is my journal for the semester.

The course discussions were one of the most profitable benefits that I took away from this course. Each and every person was allowed to discuss his / her opinion in our discussions. At times, the discussions did become "heated," however we were always respectful of one another. The main theme of the course was to choose a country, study this country's beliefs about the topics, which I have written about, and then bring them to class, for discussion. We also had many opportunities throughout the semester to go and see / experience cultural events that brought us even closer to what it is like to live in this country's culture that we had chosen.

From learning about so many different cultures, this course will help to prepare me in my future teaching career.







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