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EP 506 - Modes of Inquiry

During this Educational Pyschology course, entitled Modes of Inquiry, we spent our time learning about the different methods of research. We discussed Qualitative research methods, Quantitative research methods, and Mixed-method approaches to research. I would highly recommend this course to everyone during their PhD studies. The reason for this strong recommendation is that I learned several, valuable lessons that will prepare, and help, me when the time comes for me to begin the process of starting my dissertation.

Dr. Ralph Brockett was my professor for the semester, and he did a very good job by providing us with many different sources of information on the correct way to perform research. Ralph enlightened the class with examples of incorrect methods of performing research as well, which I believe were just as beneficial, because I was able to see the mistakes I do not need to make in the future.

For one of the research assignments that we had during the semester, I researched the topic of "E-learning," by researching the "different methods and approaches" that are used to teach this topic. If you would like to read a copy of my research paper, which I turned in, then I have provided this copy here for you.







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