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PhD Coursework

I began pursuing my doctorate degree in Education, with a concentration in Instructional Technology, in the fall semester of 2008. It was very early in this first semester that I discovered the difference between "doctoral studies" and "previous studies," in education. As an example, in one of the first essays in which I had to write for my Modes of Inquiry course, I discovered the amount of research that is required, in order to write an essay correctly. Emphasis should be placed on the word, "correctly," which I discovered after rewriting that first essay twice.

From the readings of different cultural educational practices in Dr. Barbara Thayer-Bacon's class to the many intriguing discussions that took place in Dr. Brockett's, "Modes of Inquiry," class; a good foundation has been laid, to begin my pursuit of my doctorate degree. In the upcoming spring semester of 2009, I am enrolled to take a quantitative Statisitics course, as well as an Adult Learning course.





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