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CSE 544 - Survey of Contemporary Philosophies in Education

I took this course in the spring semester of 2008. Dr. Barbara J. Thayer-Bacon is the instructor of this course. This course was different than any others that I had taken in my graduate studies program, primarily because of the many different perspectives and ideas that I was introduced to during the semester. I was not introduced to these ideas by Dr. Thayer-Bacon (or "Dr. Barb" as she has her students call her), but rather by classmates in the course.

We had a very wide range of students' educational disciplines in this philosophical course. Majors varied from elementary school education to one person, in particular who was studying agricultural education. This wide range of disciplines aided in many interesting conversations after reading the essays that we were assigned throughout the semester. The reading topics also varied throughout the semester. Reading topics for the semester included : "The Philosophy of Education and Moral Education," "Philosophy of Education, Rationality, and Critical Thinking," "Philosophy of Education and Postmodernism," "Philosophy of Education, Community, and Multiculturalism," "Philosophy of Education and Feminism," "Philosophy of Education and Educational Research," and finally "Philosophy of Education and Educational Policy."

To comprehend and truly grasp the meaning of some of these topics, it took the group discussions that we had in class, after reading these essays. Dr. Barb would lead the discussions, however, it was an open-floor discussion. Again, this is when the different viewpoints on the same essay would come out. These discussions were very helpful in the writing assignments that we had for the semester. We had to write "responses" to four different essays (of our choice) throughout the semester. I would like to share with you one of my responses, which I wrote during this course. Please view this essay here and thank you again for viewing my e-portfolio.

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