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EP 521 - Program Development

Dr. Roger Hiemstra was the professor of this course when I took the course in the Spring 2010 semester. Dr. Hiemstra is one of the most eminent people in the study of adult learning. He has several publications, including some co-authorships with friend and colleague Dr. Ralph Brockett. 

The methods that "Rog" uses in his teaching are outstanding, and worth studying and copying to use as one's own, whenever a person is going into the adult education field. Dr. Hiemstra brings out a sense of worth in every student in the classroom. He achieves this in different manners. One method was by listening to the classroom discussions that we had, and then, posting our thoughts and opinions on the topics we discussed. From these posts, other revelations were revealed, to which Rog used as "teachable moments" inside the classroom.

Rog also encourages the engagement of group-work inside a classroom. Inside our groups we performed several different projects throughout the semester. By using these groups as a method of teaching we encountered "hardships" in the differences between group members. As part of our assignments, we had to work through these "hardships," so that we could complete the assignments successfully. 

The group project that I participated in was one of the most rewarding activities that I participated in, while in the class this semester. A link to my group's final project can be viewed here, Group_Presentation. Please note, while we did perform our project on "Deception," there were none of our members who actually went out, at any time, and intentionally deceived anyone to obtained desired results.



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