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EP 513 - Reflective Practice

I took this course in the Spring 2010 semester, under the tutelage of Dr. Annie Gray. Dr. Gray is an understudy of Dr. John Peters, who normally is the professor who teaches this course; however, was not able to this semester.  This course is a very thought-provoking course. When I say "thought-provoking," I mean that it is a course in which students are required to go beyond "scratching the surface" of normal answers that are written down on tests, or responses that are suggested in teacher-students discussions, in classes. The purpose of this class is to learn how to reflect on what you have said, or on what your classmate has said. Then, by focusing on these reflections, either by yourself, or in groups, learn how to go further with the discussions. For example, ask your classmate, "What were you thinking when you asked me why I answered the question in the frame that I did?"

These "frames" of individuals thoughts/feelings play another very important role in this class. They come out in writings, discussions, on the discussion board, throughout the class in the entire semester. As a member of the class it is possible to "know" what your other classmate is thinking by the end of the semester, IF you have paid close enough attention to everything that has gone on throughout the class.

I would recommend this course to anyone who is going to be an educator; no matter if it is of adults or of children. The knowledge gained and the practice that will be able to put into use is very valuable as a result of taking this class.



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