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EP 520 - Survey of Adult Education

In this course, Dr. Ralph Brockett instructed the class by providing a broad overview of adult education as a profession and a field of practice. We, as students, were able to learn about the changes that have been made in adult education over the past 90 years. The way that these changes lead and instruct the field of adult education was seen in the projects that we were assigned to complete throughout the semester.

Using Dr. Brockett's own words, "The general purpose of this course is to offer a broad overview of adult education as a profession and a field of practice. Philosophy and history were viewed as 'tools' that can be used to critically analyze issues, programs, and practices within the field."

Dr. Brockett also posed two questions as the framework the course was built upon:

  1. "What do I believe should be the primary purpose of adult education?" and
  2. "Where do I stand with regard to professionalization of adult education?"

Several philosophers' and educators' writings were used to help us build upon our thoughts, as we studied and worked on our projects. Writings from authors such as: Paulo Friere, Carl Rogers, Roger Heimstra, and many more, played a significant role in my learning this semester.

However, one of the most significant writers that I read during the semesters is Malcolm Knowles. Knowles, known in the field of Adult Education, as the "Father of Andragogy," was very influential in introducing self-directed learning. He did this, when no one had ever heard of such a concept / theory. A link to my project on Knowles can be found here.

I also enjoyed studying Mortimer Adler this semester. I created a blog on Dr. Adler's work in the field of Adult Education. This blog can be viewed here, if you are interested.

This class has been one of the most enjoyable classes, so far, throughout my studies of Adult Education. I believe this is primarily due to the fact I was able to research and find a vast amount of information on so many people who have made contributions to the field of Adult Education.




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